Friday, February 4, 2011

My sweet little Stratton

First time Josh got to hold him, he was 3 days old.

Right after delivery-before they put him on CPAP and placed the PICC line. I can't stand to look at his legs, they are so bruised and swollen. I guess that's what happens when you come feet first!!

Sweet baby!

Stratton Joshua Wright. Born January 9,2011. 6 lbs 5oz. 19 inches long. 5:55 pm.
This sweet boys birth was an exciting one to say the least. He was born at 351/2 weeks, I started having contractions in the morning, but by the time I thought we should make our way to the hospital it was around 3 pm. we got all of our stuff together and left. It is 1 1/2 hour drive, but I was doing great, and even questioning if we should go in or not (many pre-term contractions and had been on medicine for weeks). By the time we got to payson I was telling Josh he better get off there because I was going to deliver in the car! I was dying. We decided to keep going to timpanogos where my Dr. was, so Josh drove like a madman, and I freaked out the rest of the way. We got there and I was completely dilated, my dr. came right in and broke my water, checked me, and I hear him say "I think thats an elbow, Nope those are feet!" "we need to get this baby delivered" Feet? really? I had no epidural, no pain medicine, I was begging and pleading with the nurse, but to no avail. I was told I was having the baby now, and without anything!
So we arrived at the Hospital at 5:35 and he was born at 5:55, luckily it was fast, and everything went smooth.
He was having difficulty breathing so they took him right to the nursery, then to the NICU, where he remained for 18 very long days! He is doing well now, and we learned so much. The nurses and Dr.'s we amazing, what a great team they have there. We now have a space in our hearts for the families that have to do this long term, or at all, it is an exhausting experience in every sense of the word. We have more gratitude, and patience, and we are so thankful for the miracle that babies are, and the love, peace and joy they bring into families. We take these sweet babies for granted and they are nothing short of miracles, every one of them. We had and do have a great support system. Thoughts and prayers were offered in large amounts on behal of our family- and we know- we saw them being answered each day. And for now we are grateful to have him home, and love this new little spirit that is now part of us!



  1. Wow Mel! He is adorable! So glad that he is home safe and sound and that everything went well. Can't wait to meet the little guy! Congratulations.

  2. So great to see pictures of little Stratton! And so glad he is home! He is a handsome little devil. And, you are superwoman!

  3. He is adorable!!!! So glad that he is doing well. Congrats!