Thursday, March 17, 2011

Porter Baptism

I took Porter to have his pictures done by a great photographer in his new suit before his baptism. We sent out these cute invitations to all our family. He looks like a little missionary!!

All Porter's uncles and grandpa's that took part in the ordinance. We have a wonderful family.

Josh coaches wrestling, and these were all the wrestlers and coaches that showed up to show support for Porter. He looks up to them so much, and it was so awesome to see them all there. Best of all it was Super Bowl sunday, and they came, what a great bunch of kids.

Porter before the Baptism.

Porter was Baptized on Sunday Feb. 6th, 2011. He was confirmed by his father Joshua. He is such a great kid, with such a obeident and sweet heart. I am so thankful to have him as my son. I cannot believe he is 8! Josh asked him how he felt after his baptism, and he said he felt " all puffy." He is adorable and was so happy to be baptized.

Porter loves sports, and legos. He plays soccer, baseball and wrestles. He even competed in 2 kid triathalons last summer. He loves to help his dad on the farm, and ride the 4-wheeler. What a wonderful kid, and we are so thankful for him in our family, he is so fun-loving, and funny. He told me a girl in his class told him he should be a comedian when he grows up, we just laughed. He is a great student, the top of his class in math and reading, all of his teachers love him. We are so happy for his choice to be baptized.

Stratton Comes Home!

Halle realizing being "boy trapped" is not so bad....
Halle's first time holding her new brother. She has turned into a great helper- and the second mother of the house.

Porters first meeting of the baby

Stratton 18 days old-in his carseat and ready to come home! Words cannot express how happy we were right now

He looks so tiny

One of the last few days in the NICU

I loved the creative way to keep a binki in his mouth, binki, hat and blanket wrapped tightly around him! Had to have a picture.

Just after a feeding, via feeding tube, Look at his belly, he is a little full I would say!

Our beautiful baby, Stratton spent 18 days at Timpanogos Hospital NICU. They were wonderful, and he is now happy and healthy. We were so glad to finally get him home and get used to life around here with him.


Porter turned 8 in January. He wanted everything football, and an oreo cake-so this is what we came up with. This year was totally low key- we still had the baby in ICU so we were a little fried come birthday time. He loved it though and got lots of legos, just what he wanted.