Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

We had a great 4th of July complete with a parade, playing at the park, catching fish with our hands, a childrens bike parade, and of course don't forget a few pouting fits! Josh ran the 5K in Delta that morning and took 3rd overall, he lost to one of his wrestlers, and was harassed all day! We had a great day and are so happy to live in this country.

Happy Birthday Halle!!

Halle turned 5 on June19th. I cannot believe it, she is still by baby, no matter what the age! We had a few friends over to decorate cup cakes and play all day earlier in the week. Then on her b-day we were in Provo watching the boys do the Triathlon, we then went to Pirate Pizza with Grandma Stephens, it was so fun. Halle was like "you have to tell them it's my birthday- so they will bring me ice cream and they will all sing to me" She is so funny. We then went to Toy Story 3, then off to our new favorite ice cream place- Farr's in Orem. You make your ice cream however you want, Halle of course topped her's with fruit and a few gummy bears (takes after her mom) Porter the more candy and chocolate the better (takes after his dad).
On sunday it was fathers day so we did a family b-day party with cake and ice cream. Notice the candles, I only put on 4, she was getting ready to blow them out when my sis-n-law noticed! See I really don't want her to grow up! We love you Halls!



So Triathlons have really taken off in our house, Josh and I started doing a few, then Josh has gone nuts and does 2-3 a month. He is really competitive and this gives him something to compete in. Well Porter was dying to do one, so they had a kids race at the Provo Tri and we told him if he ran or rode his bike every day he could do it. Thats all it took. He was getting ready everyday and would tell us he was going to train! it was so cute. Well he did awesome and so did Josh winning his age group. I can see this becoming a great father/ son activity..


The kids waiting in line

We spent a great day at lagoon in june...with Grandma Wright, Charity, Derek, Brock, Brynn, and Kenna. The kids had a ball. Porter went on everything except Wicked- we couldn't talk him into that one- he said maybe next year! Halle was too short for most of the big rides and I ended up taking her to the super fun kiddie rides to watch her go round and round on everything!


Josh is an outstanding wrestling coach, he really loves it and connects with the kids well. We were invited to a banquet at Southern Utah University to honor all state championship coaches this summer. It was really nice, they treated the coaches like royalty. When we walked it they presented them with metals they had to wear for the night. It was a great night and great to see them be honored for their accomplishments.