Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hole in the Rock

While we were at Lake Powell we went to see "Hole in the Rock" made famous by the pioneers that we trying to settle the four-corners area. I had just read "Undaunted" by Gerald Lund and it was interesting to see the actual site. I once again was and am amazed at the things the pioneers did all for their faith and love of the church.

Lake Powell

cliff jumping
Josh and Halle

The Indian ruins

walking up the "indian steps" on one of the many adventures we embarked on.

Porter taking a snooze

riding the tube

Halle looking adorable,

Josh swimming with the kids- the kids turned into little fish while we were there- stopping only to eat, and that was with there lifejackets on ready to jump back in when done. We had such a great time with our friends the Hillmans. We went on lots of hikes, adventures, slot canyons, plenty of swimming, boat rides, tube rides, surfing and enjoying good company

Goblin Valley State Park

We went to Lake Powell this summer and on the way there we stopped at Goblin Valley. We came here each year with my family as a kid, and I really wanted the kids to see it. It was SO HOT!! so we didnt stay too long- but we still had a great time laughing at all of the funny shapes and goofy Goblins in the valley.

Cow Show-

Porter showing his cow
Halle "posing" more than showing her cow

Grandma helping Halle show, notice how mom is not helping Halle. I got stepped on in sandals by the cow, and got angry and said in a pretty loud voice "I hate cows!" that doesn't go over so well at a "cow show" filled with dairy farmers. Needless to say I got a few strange looks.

Heber City has a 4-H cow show each year, we love to go and love the area. They do a pee-wee show that all kids can participate in to give them experience. We had a great time and look forward to it next year.