Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lion King!!

We went to Lion King in August- most of my family went. This is some of the girls, Me, My mom, Jen (sister), Kristie (sis in law) and Cassidy (sis in law). We had a great time and I was pleasantly surprised at the show. I was very entertaining.

First Day of School!

We had a adjustment this year, both of our kids went to school. Porter is starting 2nd grade and Halle started Kindergarten. I was so sad, but it has turned out pretty good. They both are loving school and doing so well. Halle has really taken off, and loved learning and writing all of her letters. She is always asking how to spell words- one letter at a time.- Porter has always been a good student and this continues. Halles bus stop picks up a lot of kids! This was the first day with all of them! All I can say is they have a great time on the bus on the way to school each day!

More Triathlons

Josh competed and did so well in a lot of triathlons this summer. This is bountiful where he took 3rd overall and 1st in his age group!