Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!! (thank goodness)

Well January 1st, 2010 and so glad it is, 2009 was filled with lots of fun things as well as some things that we are glad have passed and thankfully don't have to do again (like turning 30!)

We had a great Holiday Season, and a lost camera to prove it. So pictures soon to follow as we recover the camera from Grandma's house. We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family, watched the boys take their annual beating in the "turkey bowl", after they are finished they all line up at the medicine cabinet for a dose of Ibuprofen..HAHA. It is tough to get old.
Wrestling season also kicked off the first of December so Josh is super busy with practice and tournaments.
We had a Great Christmas with christmas eve being at Josh's parents (our neighbors) he had 9 of his 10 siblings there with the other to come the day after Christmas. It was so great to all be together. We got some good pictures, we had a visit from "Santa" (Josh's mom bought a Santa and in return for her cooking prime rib for dinner she told the guys they had to draw to see who got to wear it. They all immediately complained about it, but dutifully drew his paper when it was his turn. The brother who drew the designated paper would not fess up-but Jake was eventually caught. He threw a royal fit saying he would not be santa to our stupid kids, he did not even have kids there! It was pretty enjoyable just watching the fit! But in the end Craig (ambers husband) gave in and was the best santa ever! He made the all but true comment "for being a bunch of world class athletes, your brothers are sure a bunch of poor sports!" and I could not agree with him more.
Christmas Day we went to my parents for a wonderful meal and more presents! We have such a great time together and I am thankful that we all get along so well
The kids were spoiled as ever, Porter getting Legos and Halle getting a Barbie house fully furnished. (Pictures to come soon!)

The last of the memories this season off hand is when we received a picture message on my phone from Matt saying that Santa came early for Maggie his 1 year old. It was a picture with Mags and her darling new kitchen...The kids immediately were saying it's not fair and why did santa come to her already. I told them Maggie must have been such a good girl she got to have christmas early... Halle looks at me and says "Mom, she still poops her pants!, that is not fair!"
Nothing you can do but laugh! Gotta love the kid!

Hope the new year is filled with as many great memories as last, all but turning 30.