Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of SCHOOL!!!

Halle posing for her first ever "first day of school" photo. It's off to pre-school for her!

Handsome Porter on the first day of FIRST GRADE! that's right my oldest is headed to school all day, and I am not completely excited about it.

Halle wearing her new backpack, pink of course. She has been excited to go to school for a while now. She only goes 2 days a week for 2 1/2 hours. I can totally handle that.

Porter on the other hand, all day?? I have been his mom for 6 years, making sure he is nice to his sister, says "please" and "thank you", eats his lunch, ect.. all you mom's know. Now he is gone at 7 am and home at 3:30pm. Who is going to make sure he washes his hands after he goes to the bathroom? eats all of his lunch so he is not hungry the rest of the day? make sure he is kind to others? Make sure others are kind to him?

I know someday I will be glad to send them out of the house all day, but for now, I would rather we had summer all year long-or I could go sit by him all day at school, which ever is more practical.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Porter and Halle on the train at Disneyland, (Trey in the back). They look so much alike in this picture!

The Highlight of Halle's vacation was getting to meet most of the princess'. We stood in line longer to get pictures with them, then any other ride at disneyland, but well worth it, she now carries around all her pictures in her autograph book and shows everyone!

Halle and Ariel aka. Little Mermaid

Porter and Halle in front of the castle, Halle's only hope was that none of the witches lived in it.

Buzz Lightyear! The kids had so much fun meeting all the characters, getting them to sign their autograph books and getting photo's taken. (Brayden, Trey, Porter and Halle)

Josh and Kent could not miss out on a chance to get their picture taken with Mr. and Mrs. Incredible! I think they were trying to compare muscles!

Me and Halle on "King tritons carousel", Halle wasn't tall enough to ride the roller coaster, so this was our ride instead.

Halle and Cinderella, another magical moment...

Porter and Dad riding a rocket ship ride.

Porter waiting to go down "Grizzly river rapids"

Halle and Minnie Mouse, isn't minnie cute! I loved her.

Porter and Woody.

Our ride broke down half way through Monsters Inc. so as they were walking us out, we took the opportunity to take a few fun photos. Josh and Kent hangin with Sully and Boo.

Our Family... what a fun vacation.

The Kids n' Goofy. The first character we got to meet at California Adventure.
We had such a fun trip and made so many fun memories. We went with some good friends the Bowman's and enjoyed all the good company. The kids were told we all had to go on all the rides and we held them to it. Our second ride was "Tower of Terror" and even we adults were a little scared. The kids took it well and even went again the next day when given the choice. We had fun visiting the beach, Disneyland, Cali adventure, swimming at the Hotel pool, going to a movie, eating good food, Olive Garden yum! my favorite. Although Josh enjoyed the trip as we left he said he was good for another 10 years.

The Beach and In and Out...

We just returned from Disneyland and we had a GREAT time!! Here are some pictures of the Beach.
Josh, Kent and Halle. They soon were right in and taking advantage of all of the Huge waves!

You can't have a trip to Cali without a stop at "In and Out Burger" Here is a picture of the Burgers in a box???

Our first night in Cali at the hotel, eating pizza and sporting some cute sunglasses from the "Disney Fairy" (Trey, Brayden, Halle and Porter)

Porter getting his Baywatch hunk on!!

Halle our little bathing beauty!