Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Handsome boys all around. My brother Matt and Josh-my hubby- Micheal and Porter playing on the tire swing.

Porter showing his true colors! He is such a clown and always wants to do funny face photos. This one he just acted like he was falling...

Halle swinging. She looked so cute! Halle and Porter at the reception. The colors were green and purple and the kids ended up in green..they looked adorable.

Gorgeous shot of the temple the weather was wonderful!

Me and Josh-

An attempt at a family photo at the temple. Halle was mad she had to leave Sophies side for 30 seconds to take a picture

My mom told the kids the story of Pres. Monson telling each of us to find a place on the temple and touch it-it is our place so all the kids found a spot they loved.

Daniels Wedding

My brother got married on Saturday at the Salt Lake Temple. It was beautiful weather and it was fun to snap some shots of the kids enjoying the beauty of the temple grounds. They loved it!

Halle was in her delight! She loves flowers, and loves to pick flowers. We had to explain multiple times that we could only look. she was dying to pick them!

Halle and Sophie- Best cousins!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

These are my beauties! I love my kids so much! These were taken the week before easter-due to easter being on conference weekend. They are adorable! We had a great easter weekend filled with easter egg hunts at Grandpa Manzels, making sugar cookies, dying eggs and of course waiting anxiously for the easter bunny to come! The easter bunny was tricky this year and hid our easter baskets- he left a funny note telling us where to look for them with clues. We had a wonderful weekend!!!


Our beautiful easter eggs dyed by the kids
Kids hard at work dying the eggs

Frosting yummy sugar cookies, cannot have easter without some good cookies!