Monday, July 20, 2009


All the cousins except the babies. They all had a ball.
Matt and Maggie

Breakfast time!!

The kids made a teepee out of long sticks, they leaned them up against a tree. They were constantly entertained.

My dad showing off that he has the "ROOK" in a friendly game of cards with Nate, Asher and Josh.

Fishing was great, all the kids caught a lot of fish, Porter got his own pole for his birthday and caught 15 fish all by himself. What a great time!!

Halle admiring her fish, touch it- "no thank you" that's my girl!!!

Porter on his first cast of the trip
he pulled out a fish shortly after

Here si the first fish caught by Porter. He said that fishing was the "Best thing ever!" Grandpa was so proud! He did not even play much with the kids while we were at the meadow, he stuck with the men and fished the day away.

Roasting Marshmellows- YUM!

Halle and Sophie exploring the river.

Halle relaxing by the fire!

More exploring! What great friends.
We had such a fun at our annual camping trip to the Uintah Mountains, weather was great, food was excellent, and company was the best.

A day at the Beach???

We spent the day at "The Res" in Delta, it was really fun, the kids thought they were at the beach!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

We started the 4th of July weekend with a children's parade in Delta. The kids got to decorate their bikes and ride them down main street to the park, where they were given a popscicle. They had a great time.
On the 4th we went to the Parade and to the park. Enjoyed snow cones, cotton candy and all the fun rides they had to offer. What a great day.

Princess Halle, Grandma added to the party with a dress-up and crown.

We celebrated with a Barbie Diamond Castle party and cake!

Halle's Birthday was June 19, she turned 4. The only thing she wanted to do for her birthday was have a pizza party at Grandma Stephens and sleep over. So off we went to Grandma's and party we did.
This was Halle at home in the morning opening her presents. She told us we needed to take the bike back because it did not have a bike for her dolls! Why didn't we think of that??

So June started off with swimming lessons and T-Ball, this was Porter's first year and he did great, he only had to hit off the T once. He caught on really fast and even started lapping other runners to get to home first!! (I guess he needs a little more help on the rules).