Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Dinosaur Museum and St. Patrick's Day

Porter sporting his cute hat he made at school

He brought home Leprechaun trap, you put the gold under the basket and hold the basket up with the green thing, when the leprechaun goes in it closes on him and he is caught! Too bad we forgot to set it up before bed so we didn't get to give it a try. Porter was pretty upset saying now he would have to wait till next year!

Porter and the trap

The Cousins at the Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point- notice my Halle clear to the left by herself- showing her true colors and being stubborn!

Halle playing in the sand and water. Funniest thing, a boy had all the dinos and trees- Halle was not pleased. Pretty soon I was looking for Halle and she comes walking over with about 15 in her hands just smiling. I am not sure how she got them but I have a pretty good idea.

Porter playing in the sand and water

Getting ready to watch the 3-D movie on the imax

Sophie, Porter and Halle in the cave
We had a great time at Thanksgiving Point, we met my family there for the 3-D movie- then went through the museum. We went to my parents after for dinner after.


Josh and I soaking up the sun in beautiful Puerta Vallarta, Mexico!!

Our crazy 4-wheeler ride up through the mountains

Josh looking great and ready to ride!

Me and Josh decked out for a great day of 4-wheeling

AAAHHHH the sun, oh the beautiful sun!!

H.O.T... Enough said.....

This was a massage bed on the beach

Me attempting to hang from the inside of a cabanna

Josh hangin...

Kent and Mary- josh in the background...unsure why we thought this was so funny

K this pic is great, this was outside a grocery store, she is doing a thing like at Costco selling a juicer.. why is this funny you ask?? Look at the rigged up microphone...yes no headset here, a microphone tied around her neck and taped at the bottom....we could not stop laughing..

Welcome to Mexico..nothing like being greeted with cold drinks..virgin of course..

Kent and Mary our vacation partners

Josh and Kent enjoying the drinks, they soon learned about the "pinadas" and were hooked they had about 10 a day and loved every one of them.
So Josh and I have been married for 10 years this year, I know gasp! I don't want to get old!! Anyway our anniversary is not until June but we were desperate for a vacation and decided to celebrate early. We called our good friends from Oklaholma and they were in so warm and beachy was the only request of the women. We decided on Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. It was eye opening, sad, great, exciting (zip lining and repelling, riding a donkey, a jeep ride with a super crazy driver, watching the people drive around there is nuts! a 4-wheeler tour, shopping, and the sun oh the sun) We had a great time and loved all the beauty that was seen when we were out of the city and in the mountains of that area, Wow it is amazing. Now if only I could have a beach in my backyard I would never complain again!

Wrestling Season

Porter at his first match of the season...

He took 4th but wrestled like a champ!

Josh surrounded by his wrestlers after state..You can tell they think the world of him

Delta High School wrestling team..STATE CHAMPS!

Poter battling hard in a match

Josh, Coach Thomas and Coach Morris holding the "Coach of year" plaque

Porter showing off his medal

So we start our year with Wrestling season. Josh is the head coach of Delta Highs wrestling team. He loves it and the boys adore him! He was made for this job... They took state this year for the 2nd year in a row and beat all the other teams by over 100 points. They set a record at region with the highest points ever scored at a region tournament with over 800 points. They are awesome, they work hard and it shows.
Porter starts little league too, we have taken him to some matches on the weekends this year and he does well. He likes to compete but has seen too much domination by the big boys at the high school and expects the same from himself. We need to work a bit on losing gracefully, but it is fun to watch him. He mainly loves the medal collection he has collected. 1 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze and 1 fourth place.