Monday, September 28, 2009

Shout out to my BEAUTIFUL mother!!

My beautiful mother serves on the General Relief Society Board, for the Church. She is an AMAZING woman full of grace and love. This weekend was the General Relief Society meeting, which was on TV, and held in the conference center. My mom had to give the closing prayer, yes thats right pray in front of 20 thousand women in the conference center, in front of the First Presidency and some of the quaram of the twelve, and on TV which who knows how many viewers watched. She was so nervous she was going to pass out in front of the Prophet! She did wonderful and her prayer was so good. Great Job mom! We are so proud!!!

Today Porter was out of school, so we took advantage of the nice weather and went up Holden canyon to collect fall leaves. We found some pretty cool ones, all different colors. The kids collected them in bags and we came home and made placemats out of them with wax paper. Now they can treasure them for the next few weeks!!

State Fair

A real Bear at the state fair!
Halle planting her garden at the IFA booth

They are almost big enough!

Future FFA members, some more future than others-

Porter and Lucy, our red cow.

Porter and Halle show off the Udder of Lucy per grandpa's request. Too bad cows are so much like women sometimes we are more interested in their "Udders" then there faces!!

Halle posing again to show off the Udder and the ribbon the cow just won at the cow show

What a HUGE pumpkin!!!

Porter and the cool chickens, we saw some awesome ones this year!!
This ends our travels to the State Fair. Glad it is over, loved seeing all the animals- hated the stupid rides. Seen one fair, seen them all!!

Def Lepard concert

Okay I am pretty sure I will regret letting anyone know I actually attended the Def Lepard concert, I am so not a fan!! But I drug Josh to Wicked last year and he said this was payback. (I even broke my foot 3 days before and could not get out of it) So the mullet isn't it great?? Our neighbor Tyler had it and said he would wear it if I agreed to go, I held him to it, it was wonderful. We all need a spare one in the Halloween box, just for occasions like this!! All in all, the concert was not that bad, the company was fantastic! Spencer even wore a cut off shirt to add to the occasion too bad he cant keep his eyes open for pictures (this was like the 5th try, and then I gave up!)