Friday, February 4, 2011


Sophie and Halle-best friends- at grandpa and grandma's house

Porter and Halle with their Piggy banks. Grandpa and Grandma Stephens surprised us all with a trip to nauvoo in August. We will go back and see all the church history sites. So piggy banks for all the kids to start saving their money for souvineers!

Porter had one of his lego's built so fast on christmas morning

Halle in the mess of all her gifts

Porter and star wars legos-one of his favorites

The Christmas Eve program at Charity and Derek's. The kids did a fabulous job on putting on the nativity.

Porter and Spencer the Shepherds

Halle the Angel (of course)

One more visit from Santa- but no changing the lists!!

We had a wonderful Christmas Season as always filled with friends, family and lots of fun. I was on bedrest with my pregnancy- so low key was our goal this year, but it was still great.

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